Carcinogenic entropy
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CURR. GYNECOL. ONCOL. 2012, 10 (3), p. 185-193

According to the laws of thermodynamics, a cell, threatened by the end of its metabolism, can extend its life in a neoplastic form by reducing the production of its entropy while at the same time increasing dissipation of matter and energy in its surroundings. The basis for the progression of all irreversible processes including life and of course carcinogenesis are changes (d) in the value of entropy production (diS) in time (dt), called by the names of the sources of generated entropy: diS/dt≡Sgen, for which Sgen>0. For that reason prophylactic and oncological treatment must always take the ageing of the body and the primary illnesses this brings into consideration. The source of entropy production is life itself, meaning a constant spontaneous exchange of matter, information, and the energy of elementary particles. The entropy of living organisms is produced by coupled molecular processes increasing (positive source) and decreasing (negative source) its magnitude. Is such a transformation of cellular forms of life only the initial states of cells and the neoplasms derived from them, while an intermediate state of dysplasia is characterized by an increased fluctuation of opposing metabolic processes. Human health is determined by the material-energy condition of the germ cells which are responsible for the intergenerational passage of life, thus contributing to the creation of individuals with new identities. The processes are programmed as early as at the time of the conception of an individual. The increasingly widespread use of drugs as well as the rising use of contraceptive pills by women, combined with the ever more numerous Cesarean sections, reduced lactation, or delayed first pregnancy help explain the increasingly frequent incidence of cancer diseases.

Keywords: entropy, neoplasm, neoplastic diseases, dissipation, dissipative structures