Hormonal post-treatment therapy in endometrial and breast cancer patients
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GIN ONKOL, 2005, 3 (2), p. 76-83

The aim of this paper was the presentation of the modern standards of the menopausal symptoms treatment in women after breast and endometrial cancer treatment. Increase of number of women after breast and endometrial cancer treatment and going to menopausal age provokes to intensive resolution of this problem. Knowledge about the problems mentioned above was collected basing on own experience and literature data. Retrospective analysis which was provided, not formulated final comprehensive conclusions. The dates of Scandinavian scientists although prospective and randomised have also not formulated final conclusions in this item. Using hormonal methods should be provided with individual factors being taken into consideration and analysed very accurately. In such cases it is very important to use low doses of hormones, and therapy should last short period. As the routine before administration hormonal drugs not hormonal substances should be used. Every doubts about safety of treatment in women after breast and endometrial cancer treatment should be very detailed discussed.

Keywords: hormonal therapy, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, hormones and cancer, not hormonal therapy